Introduction to Machine Learning

Language: English

Instructors: Team Edubacus

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Course Curriculum

1a About the Speaker (3:00)
1b ML Intro (7:00)
2 Env Setup (8:00)
3a eda part 1 (5:00)
3b eda part 2 (13:00)
4a Supervised vs Unsupervised ML (9:00)
4b Supervised vs Unsupervised ML part 2 (3:00)
5a Some Basic ML Approaches-010 (29:00)
5b Basic ML Approaches Discussing Solutions (13:00)
6 Neural Networks (18:00)
7 Overfitting and Underfitting Bias-Variance Tradeoff (9:00)
8 Regession demo TF 1 (16:00)
9 NN demo TF 2 Keras (16:00)
10a Transfer Learning (11:00)
10b Transfer Learning (11:00)
10c Transfer Learning (7:00)
11a Bonus Visualization Explanation (12:00)
11b Bonus Visualization Explanation (17:00)
12 Congratulations (5:00)

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